It may seem like racing drivers take things for granted, but it’s nice to see that sometimes the little things still matter. This video goes onboard with Alexander Sims during the Spa 24 hours and after taking the mighty Eau Rouge flat out in his BMW Z4 GT3, he can’t help but woop with excitement.

Woo hoo!


  • funkymoves91

    That was not flatout… He is clearly lifting…

    • Ellef

      No. He did not lift. Eau Rouge is uphill and that’s why the car slows down a bit. You must be really dump to not understand that. Engine would sound very diffirent if he actually lifted.

      • Alen

        He did lift, maybe 20%, but it wasn’t flat out. Be careful when trying to humiliate people, when it fires back it’s not nice.

    • MrKnowitall

      If he doesn’t lift, and it is the uphill causing the loss of revs, how could it be that we hear ans see the revs going down while he is still in the downhill part?

  • Keir

    For a while there, I couldn’t work out if it was a game or a real video. The helmet cam makes it look like a video game.

  • Mojojo

    He didnt lift, it is going uphill thats why he looses Revs.. nice driving tho..

  • He did lift all you non racer should shut up.

  • Idiotseverywhere

    He did NOT lift you bloody armchair racer morons. Have you ever actually seen Eau Rouge?? Have you ever actually taken the corner?

    No? Then STFU. You know nothing.

  • heavychevy

    You can clearly hear a pause in the whine of the straight cut gears suggesting a lift off of the throttle. Straight cut gears are very clear cut in there sound on throttle.

  • jianh

    Kimi says “Meh..”

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