There’s talk of Formula One having a radical makeover in 2017, which should hopefully make F1 cars look awesome again. Graphic designer Andries van Overbeeke has already created a number of epic-looking future concepts for 2017 but this latest one for 2019 includes a closed cockpit.


future-f1-car-2019 (8)

Closed cockpits always throw up and interesting debate, with purists wanting the cars to remain open cockpit, while the FIA often bring up the idea of closed cockpits after serious accidents, as was the case with Jules Bianchi’s Suzuka crash.

future-f1-car-2019 (7)

future-f1-car-2019 (6)

The concept is based on a McLaren and as you can see in 2019 they still haven’t find a title sponsor, which seems pretty realistic. Whether Fernando Alonso will still be there by then though is anyone’s guess…

future-f1-car-2019 (5)

future-f1-car-2019 (4)

Oh, and it wouldn’t be a McLaren concept without a retro design either would it?

future-f1-car-2019 (3)

future-f1-car-2019 (2)

Thanks to Andries for sharing with us his concept!

  • Vuyo VB Boltina

    Wow, beautiful…What program was used here…Rhino perhaps?

  • Vuyo VB Boltina

    Front end Looks like the 1991 McLaren car…

  • David Quednau

    Wow, indeed.

  • Charlie Carr

    Finally, a nice livery on a McLaren ;)

  • PutorkdxForbaskat

    Indycar’s nosecone?

  • Andy-Bob Nolen

    Hopefully by then Alonso will have moved on to Endurance Racing, where he belongs and will be dearly loved!

  • John Hutchinson

    Exquisite…I want one for my Wall.

  • Arthur Raynaud

    Looks like a fighter jet on wheels. Nothing wrong with that :)
    Or in our strange times of the WEC being more of a flat out sprint that F1, maybe this is the future merger between LMP1 and F1 !

  • Omar Roncal

    If that canopy proved to be absolutely resistant to all kind of debris or hits, F1 drivers could even race without a full-covering helmet, so you could see their faces when they are totally concentrated, or when they get angry after some polemic moves!