Tired of the same old artwork? Well check out these awesome sea-creature sculptures from Japanese artist Showichi Kaneda. He combines brand-intensive, slick and somewhat predatory shapes of Formula 1 cars with sea predators like sharks and giant squid in his “Human’s Own Evo” series.

Ever wanted to see what a shark looked like in an F1 livery? Look no further than these.

2007 McLaren MP4-22

1992 Benetton B192

2007 Ferrari F2007

2010 Lotus Racing T127

1997 Ferrari F310

2008 Red Bull Racing RB4

2003 Ferrari F2003-GA

2004 McLaren MP4-19

2008 Ferrari F2008 – 1987 Lotus 99T

2002 Jordan EJ12

1993 McLaren MP4/8

2007 BMW Sauber F1.07

2006 McLaren MP4-21


Dark Roasted Blend

Thanks to Matt for the tip!


  • Should say “Jaws dropping” in the title instead of Jaw dropping! Those are really amazing.

    Guess this years cars would look lees sleek (a bunch of platypuses and alligators.)

    • Tommy

      That’s what I was going for but I thought Jaws dropping might sound a bit weird :P

      Maybe we’ll see some 2012 Platypus sculptures sometime ;)

  • They would have included a tribute to Toleman F1 but they didn’t have room for a massive whale…

  • vacsad

    This comes up for me: Michael Crichton – Next

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