Ever wondered what a full-sized RC car would sound like? Well here’s your answer. This is Formula E, a series where washed up Formula One drivers race Indy Car look-a-likes that sound like total shit. Sorry but the day F1 cars sound like this, I’m done.

This electric-powered series from the FIA even manages to ruin donuts. Click the video below and judge for yourself.




  • Sounds pretty much like normal F1 car to me. Maybe not as loud but engine tone is similar.

    • What engine tone? It’s an electric car.

  • Each to his own I suppose. The cars look cool and a lot of big companies and teams are getting involved with the series. Looking forward to it to be honest.

  • Sounds a lot like straight cut gearing – minus other gears :P

  • Anonymous

    This sucks

  • Carlos

    I don’t exactly know why, but as soon as the thing started “revving”, I fell off my chair laughing. Almost literally.

  • John H

    Can’t wait to hear a grid full of these bad boys.

  • rfs

    Sounds just like the mock engine sounds on minidrivers.

  • Airrider

    I’m an idiot. I was expecting a deep electric hum indicating a motor that could push a semi to the moon and back.

    Instead it sounds like it makes the exact same noise as a 1/10th scale RC replica would.

    • Rich

      And that is the noise electric road cars should make, none of this fake speaker crap they’ve been talking about.

  • F104 V2

    Sounds just like my Tamiya F104 V2 rc car !

  • Giorgio

    i call it tuc tuc, cause it does a tuc tuc sound when u drive slowly