What. A. Season! We all wondered if Kimi Raikkonen could become the fifth different winner in a fifth different car to win in 2012 but instead Pastor Maldonado took one of the most surprise victories in recent memory. So with another awesome race comes a load more hilarious photoshops.

Click below for the best from the Spanish Grand Prix.

R Soul


Sniff Petrol







The Williamzer


Photoshop Season  

Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.


  • Bruno Motta

    I really lol on the Barrichello’s photo.
    I had the same thought.
    My dad said Rubens might have helped on the construction of that car. Yeah, could have.

    • Tommy

      Yeah I laughed so much when I saw that. Unbelievable to think Williams got a win after the season they had last year.

  • Jw393

    Hi tommy, love the site

    Just to say that pole position not found photoshop was mine, don’t know who the people are who you’ve credited, but they clearly knocked it from r/formula1 reddit!!

    Can send you the original PSD if you want proof ;).

    Keep up all they (hilarious) good work!


    • Tommy

      Hey mate, Someone shared it and I just assumed they’d done it as they’d didn’t post the source. Changed now. Thanks for the message :)

  • common, no1 did an Alonso “tong out” running away from burning williams garage photoshop? :)

  • The Hamilton, Barrichello and “Pireggi” ones are sooooo funny!! :D