Listen To The New (And Blue) Sauber C34

We’ve seen quite a few 2015 Formula One cars but now it’s time to hear one. Sauber have released a video of their C34 revving up but despite their best efforts to hide the car with this ‘crotch cam,’ that strip of blue along the cockpit is surely a clue to the new livery.

With Sauber’s new driver Felipe Nasr bringing over his personal sponsor it’s more than likely blue for Banco Do Brasil, so let’s hope it looks as good as Nasr’s GP2 car!



Sauber F1 Team

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  • ILuvSoundtracks

    A good livery must happen once for Sauber.

  • Truth

    Oh dear.. The sound hasn’t improved then.

  • Alex Ingram

    The BMW Saubers looked nice. So did their first black and white one from ’93. And most of the Petronas ones over a ten year period. The last few haven’t been too bad either. Basically Sauber nearly always have a nice looking car.

  • TommyWTF1

    I loved the Sauber from 2004

  • Nick Brickett

    ‘We let you hear ours!’
    *uses GoPro to record audio*

  • ILuvSoundtracks

    For me their early-season 1994 Sauber was a nice one, but the late-season livery…it’s…graphical. The Sauber Petronas liveries looked nice, but I mostly like the 2001-2005 ones.
    So…I’ll think another BMW Sauber-ish livery for them but just with the designs similar to the 2001-2005 Sauber Petronas liveries.