With a great race calendar and some big names signing up, Formula E has a lot going for it. The one thing that doesn’t work however is the stupid demo runs. They could get the car driving around the city or something but instead insist on doing donuts, which are… well about as interesting to watch as an RC car in your living room.

Come on guys, ditch the donuts they just aren’t working.



  • Not bad. This is the future.

    • Shouty

      No it isn’t.

  • Formula Peg-Perego.

  • F1 fan

    At least this one had the torque/gearing working the way it should for the car.


  • Syd

    Not very impressive. Sounds like a kiddie ride at a fun park.

  • Anonymous

    This is not a car, just a piece of metal on wheels. Like a HORSEDRAWN CARRIAGE

  • MK

    Surprised bernie does not have much to do with this F1 is not going to be ELECTRIC! prob hydrogen never ELECTRIC!

  • jadeditguy

    Damn, this RC car make better donuts, and the batteries can be replaced without changing all the car !