Sebastian Vettel’s was a very happy man after his victory at the Singapore Grand Prix , where he bettered Ayrton Senna’s record of 41 race wins. One thing however he wasn’t too pleased about was the post-race celebration photo, where Ferrari missed Kimi Raikkonen’s name off the pitboard.

Vettel however stopped the celebrations to make sure his mate Kimi was rightfully credited for his podium place. Respect.

Hat tip to kodongo on r/formula1.

  • wesley

    Pure class, love that guy

  • JanizPetke

    This is what makes Sebastian class-A dude! Respect!

  • Sampath Satti

    Kimi still doesn’t show any emotion :D

    • Pavel Belyaev

      Kimi would ask you: “What da hell is ’emotion’ :-D

  • Patrick

    damn I sure feel the love for Vettel. What a great guy!

  • Lira

    Even though what Seb did was awesome, Kimi was not impressed

  • Pj Fava

    Respect is everything

  • Pavel Belyaev

    I didn’t like Vettel previously, but seems Ferrari makes men grow up. Real respect for that.

    • trifail

      He is stille the same

      • Pavel Belyaev

        But maybe a bit older, a bit wiser…

  • Ameet Kulkarni

    Kimi just doesn’t give a fuck xDDDDDD
    But I’ve heard that Kimi and Seb are best frnds since quite some time now.. They hangout a lot together. :)

    • Issela Santina Bautista

      So it’s going to be Scuderia BROrrari for next year…

  • Respect

  • Allan Monteiro

    Respect! Congrats to Vettel!
    Ferrari’s always does wrong with your drivers…

  • Donald N. Mei

    Wesley said it best!

  • Sebastian didn’t change a bit – remember him helping the team to pack after winning a title in India? – he just got far enough from Helmut Marko and Christian Horner.

  • Issela Santina Bautista

    BROdium finish =)

  • Matt Willoughby

    Maybe Vettel isn’t as big a douche bag as I first thought.